The EBOVAC Stakeholder meetings will take place on June 22nd 2021
During this important meeting the major achievements of EBOVAC1, EBOVAC2 and EBOVAC3 will be presented. An overview of the Janssen Ebola vaccine program will be provided and it will be the opportunity for all actors of the fight against Ebola to exchange their views on vaccine development and subsequent field deployment.

5th EBOVAC2 Annual meeting was held virtually on 2021, February 23rd. It was the opportunity to share information on the progress and results of 2020 activities.

EBOVAC2 training session, Burkina Faso 23-26 January 2018 An EBOVAC2 training session entitled "Training of young health professionals of the Sub-Region on the methodology of research and conduct of clinical trials" was organized by the Centre Muraz, Inserm and Janssen from January 23 -26 2018 at the Centre Muraz in Bobo-Dioulasso. The aim of the course was to strengthen the capacity of African research centres to prepare sites for the effective conduct of clinical trials. The training modules mainly focused on:

  • Introduction to clinical trials;
  • Clinical trials: ethics and regulation;
  • Clinical trial Protocol;
  • Socio-anthropological aspects of clinical research in Africa;
  • Key steps for clinical trial implementation;
  • Clinical trial funding in West Africa.

IMG 3698

IMG 3698

Vaccines R&D 2017
13-15 November 2017 in Washington, DC, US

66th Annual Meeting of American Society of Tropical Medecine & Hygiene
5-9 November 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, US

Scientific Colloquium on Heterologous Prime Boost Vaccination
29 September 2017 in Leuven, Belgium

3rd African Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity
16-18 August 2017 in Accra, Ghana

9th IAS Conference on HIV Science
23-26 July 2017 in Paris, France

International Summer School ISPED
Statistical analysis of big data in systems immunology
3-7 July 2017 in Bordeaux, France
More information : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 3rd West African Sub-Regional Conference

“Post Ebola Health Challenges in West Africa” 11-13 May 2017 in Conakry, Guinea

3rd Joint EBOVAC1 & EBOVAC2 annual meeting
The 3rd EBOVAC1/2 Annual meeting was held in Amsteram, the Netherlands 8-10 January 2018.
Participants include consortium members and representatives of sites where the project clinical trials are being carried out.

2nd Joint EBOVAC1 & EBOVAC2 annual meeting
The second joint EBOVAC1 & EBOVAC2 annual meeting was held in Windsor on 14-16 November 2016.
Over 100 participants from both consortia attended. It was the opportunity to share information on the progress and results of 2016 activities.

1st Joint EBOVAC1 & EBOVAC2 annual meeting
The first EBOVAC1 & EBOVAC2 annual meetings was held in Paris from 20th to 22th of January 2016 at Novotel Convention & Wellness, Roissy.

EBOVAC2 Kick-off meeting
The project kick-off meeting was held at the Biopark auditorium, Paris on the 12th of February 2015.
More than 50 participants attended with representatives from the whole consortium, IMI2 and invited participants.

Targeting Ebola
EBOVAC1 and EBOVAC2 presented a poster entitled “Development of a prophylactic Ebola Vaccine using and heterologous prime-boost regimen” at Targeting Ebola, Paris, 28-29 May 2015.

To view the poster, please click here

EBOVAC2 coordinator, Rodolphe Thiebaut, made a presentation concerning accelerated development of Ebola vaccines. After explaining the context and the challenges, he presented the current development pipeline of vaccine trials and the limitations of existing methodogies. He concluded by outlining perspectives for the future of Ebola vaccine development.


Rodolphe Thiébaut, Ebovac2 coordinator © Ebovac2


  • Ebola: background

    What is Ebola?

  • Phase 2 trials

    Find out more about EBOVAC2 trials

  • Work programme

    EBOVAC2 is organised into 6 workpackages (WP)

  • Ebola+ programme

    Contributes to efforts to tackle a wide range of challenges in Ebola research

This project has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No. 115861.
This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and EFPIA

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